Moving to the Big Apple

11 Jan

When I first moved to the city, I lived purely off 99-cent ramen, some spaghetti here and there, and an occasional bag of frozen vegetables.  And canned soup.  Cooking is so hard.  So hard.

That’s literally all I ate, but I was stil somehow spending $100/week on groceries.  RIDIC.  This city is so fucking expensive.  I couldn’t continue spending like that, so I slowly started cutting down to two meals a day, and now after 1.5 years of living in the city, I’ve made it down to one.  On the weekdays, I have three cups of coffee with whole milk for breakfast, and I scrounge around the office for any free food (usually leftovers from meetings) for lunch.  Then I skip dinner.  On the weekends I make spaghetti for linner.

Now I spend $50 every two months on groceries.

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