Thursday 2/5

5 Feb

Went to a screening of “He’s Just Not That Into You” (HJNTIY) last night (PR’s got the hook UP). I was starving and hadn’t eaten anything since my boss’ leftover sandwich and a bite of PB cookie. But there was nothing else to eat and no time to lose and we had to run out of work to the theater to catch the screening. Boss snuck in a Chipotle burrito (jealous!) but obviously I couldn’t ask her for leftovers twice in one day. I would only do that do my friends.

Let me digress a bit to talk briefly about this movie that is the next SATC for women everywhere. The cast was fantastic, but let me just say… this movie will cause women all around the world, for the rest of their lives moving forward, to make analogies between their own lives and HJNTIY:

  • “Omg but don’t you think X and I could totally be like Ginnifer Goodwin and Justin Long in HJNTIY in that at the beginning he’s ________________, but then he’s really _______________?”
  • “Do you think my situation is kinda like Jennifer Aniston and Ben Affleck in HJNTIY in that eventually he’ll _____________, even though we’ve been _______________?”
  • “I really think I can be like Scarlett Johansson from HJNTIY and make him __________________!”

Was so starving and annoyed by the time I left the theater that I went and bought myself a few beers and banged T because it was the only way to get my mind off my hunger and annoyance.



6:25 PM L: its roommate dinner night
what do you want
im going over to whole foods right after work
6:27 PM me: GASP!!!
oh noooo!
i am going to a private party hosted by ice T hahhahahha
L: hahahah, holy crap thats cool
me: actually it’s a tupperware party hosted by ice T (hilar)
L: no way
me: yeah
L: thats redic
6:28 PM me: but have a fun tho!!! i will be thinking about your delish cooking while attempting to chat it up with ice T
This is a mistake. I just know it. Roommate’s cooking > Ice T (especially because he’s the most annoying character on L&O SVU).
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