Sunday 2/15

15 Feb

Had the greatest queso ever made by human yesterday in celebration of V-Day: Velveeta ultimate queso dip with ground beef and deliciousness made by LP, ingredients bought by CS, supplemented by guac from MC. Good thing I hadn’t eaten anything all day because I ate the entire pot of queso which made up for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The only sour part of the day was getting wasted off Bud Light Lime, which confused me all afternoon because I kept thinking it was Corona, when it was really just Bud Light with a hint of lime. Tostitos can pull that off but BL really can’t. There’s just no reason why BL should try to be Corona when they are two different races.

5:07 pm


BK Burger Shots

BK Burger Shots

Between these Burger Shots and the Anger Whopper, Burger King may just be my new fav fast food king.

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