Tuesday 2/17

17 Feb

S keeps me alive every weekend by feeding me endless amounts of delicious greasy food.  This weekend it was quesadillas, fajitas and like 23847238972 tortillas.  Luckily I ate so much last night that I wasn’t hungry until 9pm tonight.  Luckily at 9pm tonight, I discovered some great deals that would keep me alive when S wouldn’t, from NYC Daily Deals, courtesy of SM.

MONDAY: $1 Beers @ Wicked Willy’s

TUESDAY: $1 Tacos @ Hop Devil Grill

WEDNESDAY: 10 Cent Wings @ Croxley Ales

THURSDAY: $1 Beers @ Singas

FRIDAY: Open Bar At Crash Mansion

SATURDAY: 20 Cent Brunch @ Casa Havana

SUNDAY: Free Hot Dogs @ Rudy’s

  • FREE BROWNIES: Get a free brownie at the Chocolate Bar (712 Fifth Ave) between 3 and 8 p.m every Monday to Thursday this month!
  • FREE COFFEE: SeamlessWeb is giving away 100,000 free cups of coffee in NYC this month.
  • DELICIOUS HOT CHOCOLATE: City Bakery hosts it’s annual hot chocolate festival this month. There is a different flavor to try each day.
  • FREE PANCAKES: February 24th is National Pancake Day. Stop by IHOP between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m for their famous buttermilk pancakes (there are 5 locations in NYC).

Well I guess that’s fitting since February 24th is Fat Tuesday.

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