Saturday 2/21

21 Feb

Well yesterday turned into a lovely night when I became a victim of an attempted mugging.

I left the apt a little past midnight to meet M et al at Bro J’s, and I’m walking down 14th at my usual speedy pace when I hear someone running up behind me.  I turn around and this guy is just jogging at a comfortable pace, then suddenly grabs my clutch and tries to steal it away.  I am like WTF and hold on to it with all my might and yell WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU YOU FUCKING CUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and he runs off mumbling “Aw man…!”

“Aw man”??? like really??? You just fucking tried to mug me you fucking cunt.  Somehow I always get into these not-so-serious mugging situations, like when I was held up at gun point in NOLA a few years back, and then in retrospect realized that it may or may not have been a toy pistol.

Anyway, thank god he didn’t actually succeed in mugging me since I had like $120 on me, which is my biweekly cash flow after monthly expenses.  I was so thankful that I decided to spend the rest of my cash on drinks and cabs that night to avoid some other mugger taking it away from me.  Woke up this morning and realized I spent $50+ just in cabs since I went from PCVST to UES back down to LES back up to UES then back down to PCVST, and another $40+ on vodka sodas.  At least A helped my financial situation by buying me beer and late night pizza after taking pity on my near-mugging situation.  Thanks A.

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