Saturday 2/28

28 Feb

From: E
Date: Sat, Feb 28, 2009 at 7:06 PM
Subject: yo
To: L

I think i may have mentioned this that one nite at Underbar, but I am really into poverexia.

I have been living this way for years.

When I worked for the collectible figurines store, I packed myself a lunch every day.  It consisted of:

– Thermosful of coffee (1qt), brewed at 6am every morning because they CHARGED us for coffee.  3 cups just had to be enough.
– One PB&J (Wheat Wonderbread), eaten at appx. 11am.
– One half PB&Js (Wheat Wonderbread), eaten between 2pm and 4pm.
– Option of two Sunshine fruit bars ($1.79 for 8 from KMart) or two additional half PB&Js for 6pm and the train ride home.

After several months at that job, I had lost an alarming amount of weight, which I discovered when I needed a picture for my Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader contestant application and realized that I looked like an AIDS patient in anything taken over the previous few months.

While I tutored, I was:

– Fed by the nice Jewish families for which I worked
– Fed by the banker / then-consultant roomies’ leftovers.
– For dinner on days when I didn’t have work, or for lunch, I generally had “salad.”

“Salad” = iceberg lettuce ($0.99 at the Associated sometimes – was ALWAYS $0.99 at the Met in the East Village near where I used to live) + “dressing” (combination of White Rose mayo and Super A hot sauce ($1.79 for a BIG bottle!) + sometimes Baco-Bits, if i had them.

Also, if you eat enough Kashi GoLean ($3.59 – surprisingly cheap – at the Whole Foods. Whole Foods is a closet discount store if you skip anything for which they hawk free samples or have a dedicated display and manage to fight your way through to the very back of the store) – if you eat enough GoLean, you feel sick enough that you won’t want to eat anything else for a while.  This works even better with GoLean Crunch.

“Poverexia” also reminds me of drunklemia, a technique that I perfected junior summer when i was living on D’s couch involving a little finger-throat action before bed anytime i got hammered.  Still by FAR the most effective method for avoiding hangovers that I’ve ever encountered.

Anyway, keep up the good work on the blog,


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