Saturday 3/14

15 Mar

This was a great weekend, full of poverexic success.  I ate so much and drank so much and spent so little.

The successful weekend started with roommate L cooking one of his delicious dinners for me on Friday night — this time it was fried shrimp and ribeye — INCRED.  It was one of the best dinners ever.  L had bought 2 cuts of ribeye and we shared one, saved the other for later.

The fun continued through the night with my friend-since-we-were-four (SS) visiting me in NYC for the first time.  So I took her out for a good time with M and O and O’s friend J in the West Village and then to Gatsby’s, where M and J bought us drinks the entire night.  My stomach was full of free ribeye, fried shrimp, red wine, beer, and vodka sodas, and it had never been happier.

After a fun night of groping and dancing, S and I come home at 4am to find L in the kitchen.  We seem to have caught L off guard because when we walk through the door, he somewhat nervously goes “oh hey! hey hey heeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyy what’s up guys.”

me: What are you doing L …

L: Oh hey! Oh nothing, I was just —

me: IS THAT THE OTHER RIBEYE STEAK *RAW*???????????????????????

L: Oh, um, no, I mean, yes.    ……    I was hungry.

me: You’re eating RAW STEAK?!??!??!?!?

L: It’s actually quite delicious.

Despite my initial gross reflex and concern that L might get salmonella, I was actually quite intrigued and completely empathized with his urge and secretly wanted to try one of the leftover chunks.  I didn’t have the appetite to ask this time given that I was about to hurl my cheap beer and vodka soda, but next time, I want to try some raw steak.  Just like carpaccio.

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