Friday 4/10

10 Apr

Convo with roommate L:

9:33 AM L: you would have been very proud of me last night
9:36 AM me: tell me!
9:37 AM L: well
G and his woman ordered from tasty king last night
9:38 AM L: and i looked over and noticed that there was no way they were going to finish their food
L: so I watch in horror as G takes everything and puts it in the bag, and begins to walk over to the door to throw it out
L: so I go “WHOAAAAAAA, what the hell are you doing”
9:39 AM and he goes “what, theres nothing good left in here”
L: and I was like “you have a huge things of veggies in that container”
and he was like “yeah, but theres no beef left”
L: and I said “All I have to do is buy some brown rice, throw it in there, and L and I can have dinner tomorrow night for free”
so I saved it
9:40 AM and now we have dinner
me: GASP
L: hurray!!!!!!
me: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
G throws so much food away and he doesn’t even realize it 😦
L: its redic
i dont think ive ever throw out food
9:41 AM me: me neither
L: i will make myself very uncomfortable before I do that
me: same here
9:42 AM i am glad we are on the same wavelength about this
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