Thursday 4/16

16 Apr

Day 5.  Ate roommate G’s FriendHouse leftovers today for lunch.  I mixed in the scoops of leftover fried rice with the other thing of leftover white rice, then poured some soy sauce, and it was like I had an entire bowl of all-fried rice — brilliant!  Then, I found some leftover salad in the cafe, and coworker P brought me half a cupcake.  Just one more day left to go.  I can do it!  (Because I still have that leftover Lenny’s sandwich from yesterday that I was going to eat today but didn’t so can have it for lunch tomorrow.)

10:07 pm

I WAS SO HUNGRY BY THE TIME 30 ROCK STARTED.  but I just sucked it up because I knew I’d just go to bed right afterwards to sleep the hunger away.  BUT THEN! ROOMMATE G COMES TO THE RESCUE YET AGAIN!!!  As per the usual he orders a shitload of Chinese food, and then by the end of 30 Rock, he just hands me his white rice and leftover pieces of veggies.  My eyes light up and I am like G YOU ANGEL!!!  And he explains, I hate mushrooms — you have them.  GASP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE MUSHROOMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I’ve discovered something wonderful.

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