Friday 4/24

24 Apr

Well this week really sucked at work.  Our office does this a lot — one week, there will be free food literally every single day, and then the next, there is literally no food for AN ENTIRE WEEK.  So then people like me have to resort to eating jelly beans for breakfast, lunch and dinner (though today I had Peeps for lunch.  Speaking of Peeps:

Good thing I had three birthday parties last night to make up for the terribleness of the lack of free food at the office.  Yesterday was L and L’s birthdays, so I started out the night at Bubby’s where I had some really good creamsicle drink that tasted exactly like a deliciously drunk creamsicle, and I also had mac ‘n’ cheese (which is quickly becoming my new staple food in addition to Tasty King beef and broccoli and burgers).  AND! LP’s mom picked up the tab for the entire party – hooray!

Then it was rushing directly to roommate L’s bday at Otto which is the best Italian restaurant deal in the city.  We ordered appetizers, cheese and honey, prosciutto, bruschetta, approx 10 pizzas, pasta carbonara, dessert and 9 bottles of wine for 10 people for $70/person.  That’s about how much I typically spend on food over a period of three months.  But it was so worth it.  Otto comes pretty close to beating Tasty King.  But not really.

Needless to say it was an incred night, and I know it was for L too when I woke up this morning for work to find L completely passed out sitting down (not lying down) on the living room couch with Reno 911 on the TV and a half-eaten order of cheese fries.  So I had a few for breakfast.

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