Monday 4/27

27 Apr

I’ve really scored some incred deals over the past few days.  Last night C, S and I decided to order from Spice — I had the Massamananan curry, S had beef pad thai, and C had crispy duck with fried calamari.  While we’re choosing these items from the menu, C can’t stop marveling at how “cheap” this place is ($10/dish), while I’m sitting there grumbling where the fuck are the $5 specials.  Anyway, the food was delish and I finish my entire meal, while C of course leaves half his duck and pieces of calamari, and S was still feeling sick from what I like to call the “wine flu” and literally only takes three bites out of his beef pad thai.  Youuuu know what that meanssssssss……..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <<huge grin>>

I went to work this morning all grinny because I was bringing an entire leftover pad thai, crispy duck and fried calamari, and I knew it was going to be a good week.  Boy was I right!  Just as I had suspected, the day turned wonderful when just as I’m about to heat up my fried calamari for lunch, I hear a food cart roll by.  GASP!!!!!!!!!  IT IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL ARRAY OF FREE FOOD EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!  Beef and chicken satay, coconut shrimp, spring rolls, pasta and salad and bagels oh my, and you betcha I grabbed ALL OF IT ARRRRRR MATEYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love that feeling I get when I’m just about to heat up my free leftovers, and then I discover a fresh set of free food, so that I can save the leftovers I was going to eat for the next day; and then the next day, just when I’m about to heat up my free leftovers, I discover yet ANOTHER fresh set of free food, so then I save the leftovers from two days ago until the NEXT day; and so on and so forth until it’s Friday and I’ve just won myself an entire week’s worth of free food.  Sigh.  Such a feeling of triumph.

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