Monday 5/4

4 May

Had delicious Diablo Royale leftovers today for lunch, which consisted of half a Chipotle burger, soggy fries, harded cheese grits, and soggy cinnamon chips.  It was incred, so good.  I had this lunch post 2pm and that usually fills me up for the entire rest of the day, but for some reason I was ravenous when I got home post 8pm.  Luckily kind roommate L gave me his white rice from yesterday’s takeout from Plump Dumpling (or as we like to call it, Prump Dumpring), rival to Tasty King for their dericious (prump) dumpring soup.  I ate all of L’s white rice with glee, but then I started getting worried.  Roommate L has been vomiting his food after nearly every meal for like the past week (though otherwise perfectly fine) — while some may see this as signs of bulimia, I see this as signs of the swine (though in L’s case it is more likely to be a cause of a lifetime of “wine flu”).  I guess we’ll see how I feel tomorrow for cinco de swino.

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