Monday 5/11

12 May

Well I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again — the greatest thing about working 16 hour days is that I have no guilt whatsoever in expensing dinners and cabs galore.  I mean really.  Anyway, tonight I wanted to cry as I was approaching hour 14 and our office Starbucks machine was broken and our water machine was broken and I mean REALLY!??!?!??!  You’ve got to fucking be kidding me.

So I went and did what I’ve been wanting to do since 3/18 (see entry 3/18) and ordered myself one of those incredible looking steak and pepper sandwiches from Mooncakes that roommate L and I discovered on two months back and have been salivating over ever since.  SO I DID IT I ORDERED IT YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And it was the most incredible thing ever.  $7 for this:



My life was complete and I closed the two-month loop and I didn’t even have to pay for it and only expensed the client $7 (plus tax and tip)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It was really something.

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