Sunday 7/12

12 Jul

Ugh I was doing so well this weekend until today.  Yesterday I woke up at 1pm and thought I was starving so ordered my usual Tasty King lunch special beef and broccoli with pork fried rice and wonton soup for $5.50 — I usually eat it all in one sitting but yesterday for some reason I suddenly got really full after the wonton soup and just a couple bites of the beef and broccoli with pork fried rice.  And since I usually eat my lunch over 2 hours, it meant I finished my lunch circa 3pm, which means that I wasn’t hungry for the rest of the day (since I usually don’t eat post-5pm, especially on weekends in an effort to facilitate my inebriation process on as few beers as possible to lower weekend costs).

That means that today I had nearly an entire thing of Tasty King lunch special beef and broccoli with pork fried rice leftover, which I ate again as soon as I woke up at 1pm.  Today, however, by 6pm I was starving for some reason and had to make myself an entire plate of pasta, which I was really annoyed about because I was going on a really impressive streak of not cooking or making anything in our kitchen for 7 months straight since I went home for the holidays.  (Now that I think about it, I guess that means the pasta was 7 months old but I don’t think boxed pasta goes bad.)

I thought I was having such a low-cost weekend when circa 9pm as roommate L and I are watching “Music & Lyrics,” he suggests ordering prump dumpring.  Ugh I just couldn’t resist.  And I was still starving for some reason so of course I caved into the suggestion of ordering prump dumpring (I mean who could resist this prumpness):

Prump Dumpring

Prump Dumpring

So I ordered my usual meat dumpring soup for $4, and I was kicking myself for it because it meant that I could have potentially only spent $5.50 on food for the entire weekend but instead I ended up spending $9.50.

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