Thursday 8/6

6 Aug
11:13 AM L: roommate dinner tonight?
11:14 AM i will make fish
pasta and other goodnesses


P (12:15:01 PM): ahhh
L (12:16:41 PM): ???
P (12:16:52 PM): there is amazing food in the cafeteria but there a meeting in there and a sign that says “do not touch”
L (12:16:57 PM): WHAT
L (12:16:58 PM): NO
L (12:16:59 PM): WHY
L (12:17:02 PM): THAT IS SO MEAN
P (12:17:33 PM): i know


LUCKILY THOUGH 10 minutes later at 12:30pm there was a surprise TEAM PIZZA LUNCH WITH DELICIOUS CAKES AND CANNOLIS!!!!!!!!!!!! omgomogmogmomg

And then, today more and more food kept coming out of meetings.  It was incred.  This was actually the first day in years that I’ve felt overwhelmed and panicked by food.  I was panicked because I still had my last portion of leftover Charlie’s Southern Style Kitchen fried chicken with mac and cheese and mashed potatoes leftover, and I knew that with all this free food flying around me, I wouldn’t get to the fried chicken in time and it would go bad.  This has happened before.  You really have to play it right with leftovers – you want to stretch it out at just the right pace so that the leftovers last you as long as possible, BEFORE it physically goes bad.  Because then, that’s the worst – when you realize that you’ve paced yourself TOO slow so that you’ve actually ended up wasting food because the food actually goes bad and you literally can’t eat it because it’s become moldy.  I really really hope that hasn’t happened with my fried chicken — I’m too scared to check it out.  It’s still in its takeout box and brown bag.  Since roommate L is cooking tonight, and I am going for sushi with my puta J tomorrow, and I don’t eat on the weekends before I got out, and Saturday is S’s bday festivities and dinner, this probably means I most likely won’t get to my last portion of Charlie’s Southern Style Kitchen leftovers until Sunday.  And by then I will really be craving Tasty King.  This is quite the dilemma.

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