Saturday 8/8

8 Aug

Last night was great!  Went to dinner with the girls at Paprika because SP was in town.  I had actually already eaten dinner by then, but I joined them for many wonderful bottles of red and white wine.  Also, Paprika has really great bread and olive oil.  As everyone else at the table began ordering and getting their dishes, I kept a close eye on each plate, making sure that nothing was going to waste.  I noticed on the other side of the table that C and R were sharing a deliciously green looking salad that they hadn’t touched since they got their main dishes.  I guess C caught me staring  since she silently motioned at me, then her plate, mouthing “you want?!?!”  My eyes lit up ARE YOU SURE?!??!??!  I am really not that hungry since I already ate, but you know how I hate things going to waste.  “I know you hate things going to waste.  Please have this delicious salad with waluts and goat cheese.”

It was almost like deja vu after dinner when we walked one block over to T’s rooftop birthday party where there were chips and guac and leftovers of another delicious looking salad with walnuts, blue cheese and raspberries.  Everyone else was really focused more on the keg by this point, so I grabbed my Solo cup full of Jack over ice, waltzed over to the food table, and helped myself to the rest of the remaining salad.  This was one of the healthiest nights I’ve had in a while!

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