Tuesday 9/8

9 Sep

I’M BACK from a fabulous trip to visit my Panamaniac in Panama City.  It was a great week full of fun and anti-poverexic activities like spending lots of money because I was on vacation.  And by lots of money, I mean spending $20 on dinner which is way expensive in Panama because usually food is like half that price (and because I am used to usually only spending a quarter of that on my Tasty King meals).

Some poverexic activities I engaged in included the following:

  • Buying 20 packs of cigarettes for $14 which I hope will last roommate L and me a lifetime (or, two weeks)
  • Eating $1 McDonald’s french fries every other night before we went out
  • Having my Panamaniac host bring me a Panamanian breakfast in bed of Panamanian tortillas, carimanolas and salsichas while I was doing work work on my vacation
  • Eating $5 ceviche de corvina every day which is my favorite thing in the entire world (although I have to say the best ceviche I have ever had after having tried them in 8 Latin American countries is Peruvian ceviche)


Some anti-poverexic activities I engaged in included the following:

  • Buying afternoon drinks at an expensive hotel just because we were exhausted and dehydrated after having gotten our nails done and gone tanning in those awesome stand-up tanning beds
  • Buying a really expensive meal at the Panama Canal restaurant just so we could get a good view of the boats going through the Canal
Panama Canal

Panama Canal

  • Buying 3 bottles of champagne, 4 bottles of wine and 1 bottle of vodka for 3 girls for 1 day at the beach (we finished it all)
  • Going to lunch at 3pm, then going to Bennigan’s for pre-dinner appetizers and drinks at 7pm, then going to a dinner at 9pm where we acted like children instead of paying attention to what we were ordering
Napkin Dick

Napkin Dick

  • Going to dim sum for the first time ever (odd that my first dim sum experience was in Panama but apparently there are a lot of my kind over there) and spending $25 on dim sum because we were starving and I was about to head to the airport and didn’t know when I was going to eat again

I guess 4 poverexic activities vs. 5 anti-poverexic activities isn’t a bad ratio.  All in all, I had a great time in Panama with my Panamaniac.  In the words of Shakira the Shewolf, AUUUUUUUU!!!!!!

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