Thursday 9/10

10 Sep

Birthdays are a poverexic girl’s best friend.  They really really really are.  Today is the happiest day ever.  My managers today all got me flowers, chocolates and a huge chocolate cake (which I had for lunch), then they brought me into their office, gave me a bowl of Dum Dums and told me that was my birthday present.  I was really excited and thanked them with all my might when they shook their heads and said, no no no silly, dig deeper.  I reached my hand into the bowl of Dum Dums and THERE WAS A $50 GIFT CERTIFICATE TO BENIHANA’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I HAVE THE BEST MANAGERS IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THEN!  This afternoon I get the best Facebook post from roommate L:

Indeed it is your day of Birth
And so I wish you caloric mirth
For a finer roommate could never be found
The queen of Poverexia has surely been crowned
But what would befit this lass for a gift
When Grandiose means have been replaced by thrift
There’s vino, there’s certificates, or maybe a cake
“Here’s my roommate Luke…and my better roommate Steak”
Those words did echo and an answer decided
And so unto our fridge some bovine will be provided

Followed by the most incred gchat conversation:

L:so here is my question to you. Would you rather have a bunch of medium quality steak…or one incredible meal of absurd steak

me: GASP
L: well here is the option…a bunch of meals of OK steak, or one meal of dry aged steak with homemade truffle gnocci
i will let you decide
5:56 PM me: GASP
a bunch of meals with ok steak
this is the toughest decision of my life
5:57 PM L: its really tough
no one said your bday was going to be easy
6:09 PM me: ok — a bunch of meals with ok steaks.  you know i ultimately always go for quantity over quality in all aspects of my life.


IT GETS EVEN BETTER.  I came home from work to the most incredible array of Magnolia cupcakes gifted by roommate K, along with an envelope in the mail from my sister with a $35 GIFT CERTIFICATE TO CHIPOTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY CRAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPP THERE IS A CHIPOTLE RIGHT NEAR MY OFFICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Roommate K's Birthday Present

Roommate K's Birthday Present

And P.S. check out the awesome Fashion Week pink cupcakes with a cell phone and purse.  Nice find, K.

I then receive a phone call from my dad who wishes me happy birthday and tells me he will pay my credit card bill for the month of September.  I think he felt bad for forgetting my birthday last year.  Anyway, you know what I will be spending my credit card on — TASTY KING FOR FREE EVERY DAY FOR THE REST OF THE MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I seriously have the best managers, roommates and family ever.  Surprise!  I’m fabulous!  And the weekend has not yet even begun.

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