Tuesday 9/15

15 Sep

Today was pretty good.  For lunch I had the hamburger from Big Daddy’s that I had leftover from Sunday when I was working all day and my boss let me expense my dinner.  The bottom bun was incredibly soaked with grease, but the burger was really good anyway once I heated it up in the microwave.

Big Daddy

Big Daddy

I didn’t get a chance to eat the leftovers yesterday because my boss bought me sushi lunch special (3 roll lunch special with miso soup and salad) yesterday for working too much.  I have the best managers in the world.

THEN!  Today after work I went with A to one of the most incredible bbq’s I’ve ever been to (food-wise) in my entire life.  Crowd-wise, it was a bit awk.  We were the youngest people there by maybe 10 years since all the people there were a bunch of Harvard ’89 guys.  And these guys were FASCINATING.  Fascinatingly successful.  This one doctor guy that I met – A calls him McDreamy – he fascinated me, one of the most impressive entrepreneurs I’ve met to date, with an MD and strong VC background, and I couldn’t even keep track of all the companies that he started that he was telling me about, in addition to starting this new research on some new super secret anti-obesity drug (I have a new super secret anti-obesity drug too – it’s called poverexia).  I can only hope my friends will be like this in few years time.

That nearly detracted me from the food.  Not really though.  The host, one of the Harvard ’89 guys, had the most incredible place with the most incredible food at this bbq — hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken fajitas, grilled shrimp, fancy salad, tomato-basil-mozzarella, corn salad, crudite, fresh fruit, fruit sorbet, and the most amazing watermelon drink I’ve ever had in my entire life with little watermelon balls floating happily inside cups of fresh watermelon juice and hidden vodka.  I finished one very full plate in under 7 minutes, then went back for another full plate, accompanied by 4 Solo cups full of watermelon dericiousness.  I stumbled out of the bbq having eaten way too much way too quickly, trying to catch a few extra minutes with Dr. S and dreaming away about entrepreneurs and VC firms.

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