Tuesday 10/27

27 Oct

Today was really great.  Our celebrity broker was in NYC this week from LA, so she came to our office to give a presentation.  I decided to go stop by the meeting room to say hi to her … OR, I stopped by for 10 minutes to grab 2 sandwiches, a bowl full of fruit, a huge chocolate chip cookie and a FIJI water and I was outta there to go do some more important work.

A few hours later, I was rushing to get a million things done before my doc appt when out comes another array of sandwiches and delicious looking artichoke salad.  I literally couldn’t afford to waste one minute because I was literally not going to finish all my work before my annual pap but I was really hungry and I just had this terrible feeling there would be no free food at the office tomorrow.  So I grabbed a sandwich, took an entire heaping plateful of artichoke salad, ran to the kitchen to take a few bites and immediately wrapped up the rest in foil for tomorrow’s lunch.  In my rush I nearly literally ran into coworker J in the kitchen, who saw the plateful of food I was hastily wrapping up and chuckled, “Good food day for you, huh.”  YUP YUP I yelled as I ran out of the kitchen, grabbed my purse, and ran to my appt.

On a related note, Halloween is just days away and I finally picked my costume after all that contemplating.  I decided sushi wasn’t slutty enough, so I’m going with this:

Sugar Babies

… which I believe will be slutty enough considering I’m pretty sure I have to go comm given all my thongs are too brightly colored for the see-through back.  It’s still food themed, so it’s really the perfect costume for me.

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