Thursday 11/19

19 Nov

Last night was so incred I blacked out before I could write about it on poverexia.  I had texted roommate L earlier in the day asking if we could eat the last of my birthday steaks for dinner.  I was so psyched.  As per the usual I came home prepped with one of those humongoid bottles of Frontera red wine (which we subsequently finished all of, hence the blackout).

I was expecting just a standard classic steak with just butter sauce and BOY WHAT A SURPRISE I GOT INSTEAD.  When roommates L&M’s powers combine………. you get MINI BEEF WELLINGTONS!!!!!!!!!  They were absolutely adorable, like little round steak dumprings.

Mini Steaks

Just like dumprings

Mini Beef Wellingtons

As you can see from the above, roommate K’s muffin pan has come in handy on more than one occasion.  I give roommates L and M credit for coming up with multiple creative ways to utilize this pan.

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