Monday 11/23

23 Nov

What better way to start off Thanksgiving week than with the following all-staff email sent through this morning:

SUBJECT: Breakfast this morning in the café – a gift from our colleagues in our OC/Irvine office

Every year, when a New York sports team makes the playoffs, the head of the office bets the head of the opposing team that our team will win.

Because the Yankees beat the Angels in the playoffs this year, we won a bet and this morning, our colleagues from Irvine are paying off…

Please stop by the café for some delicious fruit from California and some other treats.

GASP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Bagels with strawberry cream cheese and apples and clementines!!!!!!!!!!  Another great reason to be associated with NY.  We would win food every time.

Later that day I scored some serious veggies when I found a leftover broccoli pizza in the kitchen and it was absolutely DERICIOUS.  It was packed full of greens like the broccoli density found in an order of Tasty King chicken and broccoli.

Speaking of serious veggies, check out the super healthy salad my roommates M and L made the other day — it is literally just a head of lettuce with balsamic dressing and bits of real bacon.  It was INCRED.

Lettuce Salad

Did I mention the time I accidentally actually said “rettuce” in public to a person who wasn’t Asian and then immediately corrected myself to “lettuce” and nearly died.  “Dericious” and “dumprings” must end soon or this could get really bad.

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