Tuesday 1/12/10

12 Jan

Yesterday was my boss J’s last day in the office. 😦  It was a sad day, but the happiest part was that I inherited all her food.  Boss J was known for her entire cardboard box full of goodies, and I was known for my bottomless pit of a stomach, so we were really compatible at work.  When she left, she literally left the entire box at my desk because she knew none of the other girls would take it.  YES.  I WILL TAKE IT.

When I opened the box, it was like Christmas morning, except better.  Because I stopped getting gifts for Christmas the year I stopped believing in Santa.  Which was when I was like 18.


The box contained beautiful presents like Kashi cereal, canned soup, one of those big containers of oatmeal, a jar of soybutter, a jar of almond butter, a half-eaten bag of cinnamon raisin bread, a box of Altoids, a bottle of vitamin C tablets and a bottle of multivitamins, among other things that I hadn’t even uncovered yet.

This should probably last me the rest of Q1 2010.  My squirrel cheeks are stored sooo full of nuts right now.

SQUIRREL!!!!!!  I just met you and I love you.

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