Monday 2/15/10

15 Feb

Got the best email ever from G, real name C, earlier in the week with the subject line FREE FOOD (always a great sign):

tonight: you, me, max brenner chocolate fondues.  i have to review for work and will feel too weird eating fondue alone–figured you might be up for it.

G IS MY FAVORITE PERSON EVER THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was so honored G would pick me for a free food event, and I ran over to Max Brenner in Union Square right after work without eating lunch or dinner that day in preparation for the disturbingly amazing amount of chocolate, fruit and marshmallows that was about to fill my belly.  Keeping the food review in mind, we decided to go with the classic European Chocolate Fondue for two as well as the more nontraditional Banana Tempura Fondue.

This felt like Valentine’s on crack, and G was right — this probably would have seemed quite odd with one of his guy friends.  When the fondues came, we could sense others around us staring jealously yet disgustingly at the ridiculous amount of sugar that was overwhelming our table.  Here they are:

Classic European Chocolate Fondue

Banana Tempura Fondue

This was all really incred — high quality chocolate I’d say, and I think in our moment of excitement we made the huge mistake of finishing all of it… which led to G and me taking turns running to the restaurant bathroom to throw up from both ends of our body.

Valentine’s on crack didn’t end there.  I get to work on Friday morning and see a delicious looking Valentine’s cupcake on my desk and think to myself, “Oh wonderful, one of the gay guys in consumer…” then see an all staff email with subject line “Happy Valentine’s Day (Did you receive a golden kiss?)”

We wanted to say that we love working with you for so many reasons…
And, if you were one of the lucky, random people who received one of the ‘golden’ kisses or the chocolate hearts, bring it to my cubicle to claim your prize.
Have a great day and a fun long weekend!

How nice!  Too bad I didn’t get a ‘golden kiss.’  However, with my incredible food reputation at work, within minutes I had 4 team members coming to my desk with their cupcakes being like “Hey do you want mine, I’m not supposed to be eating this.”  Hooray for me!

Unfortunately I had the most awful cavity that I was in the process of getting fixed and currently had a half-drilled-off tooth in the back of my mouth with a completely exposed cavity waiting for a porcelain crown that was supposed to come within the next week.  After finishing one overwhelmingly sweet cupcake, I was experiencing the most excruciating pain I’d ever experienced in my mouth and had to say no to the other 4 cupcakes.  No hooray for me.

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