Wednesday 6/30/10

30 Jun

QUIT MY JOB AND TODAY WAS MY LAST DAY!!!  A truly momentous occasion, so of course that means one thing and one thing only: NEW ASHIYA ALL YOU CAN EAT/DRINK CELEBRATION.

Specifically, that means endless amounts of this:

Sake Bomb

And more importantly, endless amounts of THIS:

all you can eat SUSHI

All you can eat sushi including ALL SPECIAL ROLLS and even HAND ROLLS.  So we asked for literally one of every special roll on the menu, plus more.

We were all having a grand ole time until M arrives and accidentally knocks over someone else’s camera at the next table when she drags over a chair to join us.  Uh oh, drama.  That someone else was a really angry, super drunk, anti-white Asian chick who flips a shit over her camera being dropped and starts yelling racial slurs at our table of white people.  This starts up a huge fight between our white table and their yellow table, and it got really ugly.  These Asian gangsta chicks literally got out of their seats and started physically pushing M and my friends while I sat quietly with my head down taking this opportunity to finish up the rest of the sushi rolls on the table while everyone else was preoccupied with the fight.  The racial slurs they were yelling out didn’t apply to me anyway, like “YOU UGLY WHITE BITCHES, THAT’S WHY YOU AGE POORLY.”  Not me, bitches.  So I just didn’t get involved in that shit.

Anyway, this exciting New Ashiya celebration was actually last night because I start my new job already tomorrow so couldn’t get chocolate wasted tonight.  Today my coworkers threw me a farewell party with pizza and cupcakes, so that was a great way to end my 2+ poverexic years at my company.  Apparently my new company has pizza Thursdays, and my first day is tomorrow, Thursday, so that means more pizza tomorrow!!!  Comforting to know I won’t be poverexic at least one day a week moving forward.

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