Sunday 9/19/10

19 Sep

Had a pretty uneventful weekend, but I guess it’s hard to beat last weekend.  Saturday was supposed to be another joint bday party with A for consecutive bday celebratory weekends, but that fell through when host WP disinvited me following last weekend’s events.  Probably for the better since who knows how many other girls I would have beaten up if I had continued thinking it was my bday.  Fuck yeah!

So instead roommates and I started the night early with our usual routine of drinking and hookah-ing in our cozy apt while listening to roommate M’s latest tunes on our Apple TV.  Roommate K bought us a huge bottle of Kettle One, which we finished over a carton of OJ and we were set for the night.  That followed by martinis with M and W at Simone’s followed by free Maker’s Mark on the rocks at A’s rooftop party followed by all-night dancing at Alphabet Lounge destroyed me before I knew it and made me feel like death all day today.

Good thing roommates M and L came to the rescue by working their kitchen miracles and whipping up some leftover mashed potatoes and leftover steak slices and creating something genius.


It's a Christmas miracle!

The best hangover food ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just kidding.  They actually made that several weeks ago but it’s what I was really craving today when I woke up with a massive headache and puke in my stomach.  So instead we convinced roommate K to order an entire pizza “for herself” but of course as usual she only ate like 2 slices and roommates M/L and I got the rest.  We win!

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