Wednesday 9/22/10

22 Sep

Last night was the season premiere of GLEE, which can only mean one thing:  STEAK.

Actually what we really wanted was rare duck breast, but when I went to Food Emporium they gave me the saddest news I could have ever received from a grocery store: they had discontinued duck.  YOU ALL ARE MONSTERS!!!!!!!!!!!  I hated them.

I also had no idea what to get now that duck was out, so I immediately called roommate L all frantic and about to cry over no duck.  But he calmed me down with a simple, “What don’t you just get steak.”

Oh, right.  That makes sense.  So I got a steak, and because I was already feeling adventurous, I got lamb that looked like steak AND a steak.  I am genius.

And roommate L is even more genius, look-alook-alook-alook-alook-aaaa!!!!!



It was brilliant.  What wasn’t so brilliant was the season premiere of GLEE.  We had such high hopes for it, and then the only good song they featured was Telephone.  Except that short ugly Asian chick with really wide-set eyes ruined the song because she took my spot on the cast.  I could have done some serious Gaga on the show.  Now they’ll never know.

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