Wednesday 11/10/10

10 Nov

Went to go watch the NYC marathon on Sunday with A and B, and it was a beautiful day for running and for me to get a nice facial tan while watching the thon.  The race was truly inspiring and brought me back to my high school cross country/track days and I started thinking to myself, wouldn’t it be grand if I ran the marathon next year… until I remembered that the SPC championships in Spring 2002 was the last time I had ever worked out in the past decade.  Maybe in another life.

It was pretty fun watching the thon except that I couldn’t find anyone, except I did see Jared of Subway running the thon and he was not looking too good.  I think he was literally running like 13-min miles.  Not impressed.  However, by pretending like I liked Subway I did score some “free subs” coupons, which I will certainly use in the near future.

What WAS impressive though was the amount of leftover food that I scored when A/B/C and I went to grab a bite to eat after the thon.  We went to Ray’s on the west side which scared me because everything on the west side scares me, and everyone got pizzas, calzones etc whereas I got nothing because… well because I’m poverexic.  So I sat around as one by one my friends stopped eating their food — B gave me like half of his leftover chicken calzone, A gave me a bite of her leftover cheese pizza, and C gave me a whole garlic knot and half of her leftover “minestrone soup,” ie, a can of Progresso that was just poured into and heated up in a plastic container.  What a great dinner for ME!

And then after Ray’s, B and I went back to S’s apartment to watch some football and South Park and take a nap.  I mean we were exhausted after the thon — we literally walked the entire city from East Village to Midtown East to Central Park to Upper West Side.  B and I practically walked a marathon that day, and our time was pretty close to Jared’s — 05:30.  Anyway, after a mini nap, B decides to order burgers and fries and gives me like half of his fries, and S heats me up this delicious Indian burrito, or these delicious lamb slices with a bunch of other goodness wrapped in a big soft pita.  I have great friends.

On an unrelated but related note, on Monday roommate M went to a book signing by our fav person in the world Adam Richman of Man v. Food.  GAAAAASSSSSSSPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP

Adam Richman

I unfortunately did not go, but I was extra excited when roommate M brought home an autographed book with a personalized message to… ALL OF US!!!


And roommate M asked him a great question on behalf of all of us, what we have always been curious about for the past few seasons: “How did you overcome your carb weakness??”  GREAT QUESTION.  Apparently he used to eat protein breakfasts full of bacon/eggs/etc, and to overcome his carb weakness he started switching over to heavy starches like hash brown, pancakes, waffles, etc.  What a champion.  He is literally the best person in the world.

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