Sunday 1/9/11

9 Jan

Happy 2011!  New Year’s means one thing for New Yorkers and one thing only: Get the fuck out of the city.  While the holidays in Manhattan are pretty and whatever, New Year’s is every Manhattanite’s worst nightmare.  Tourists invading our city, impossible to get a cab anywhere, every bar quadrupling their prices, etc.  Kill yourself.

Since my new company gives us the entire week off between Christmas and New Year’s, I naturally booked a flight to my go-to vacay spot: Rio de Janeiro.  And I totally avoided The Great Blizzard of NYC.

I’ve been going to Brazil every other year since I was 16, and it’s my perfect “me” time.  My first several times there were pretty wild, but now all I want from Rio is beach time and good cheap food.  My goals for my Brazil trips recently have been simple and three-fold: 1) eat acai every single day, 2) literally become a black person by the end of my trip, and 3) avoid getting AIDS.  I was successful in all three.

Every day I would have my acai for breakfast, a SKOL on the beach, and a huge hunk of meat for a late lunch.





Pork Leg

I love Brazilians.  I could live like this forever.  I had home-cooked meals and meat for free every single day — it was poverexia’s dream come true.  Here’s how I felt about all this:

OMG BACON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So that’s how I ate for a week straight, and New Year’s was this x10 at G’s party at her house on Copacabana beach.  NYE in Rio is one huge party on the beach.  Everyone dresses in white and goes out to Copacabana beach to watch the fireworks over the ocean and party till dawn.

Copacabana Reveillon 2011

It was pretty amazing.  But what was even more amazing was all the food involved that night.  In addition to open bar, there was this:

NYE Spread


After dancing the night away, we all walked home along the beach at 5am with thousands of people still wasted on the beach around us.  Incred.  Next up: Carnaval Rio 2012.

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