July 23, 2011

23 Jul

The last 2 nights for me have been all you can everything.  Thursday night was my first NYAC party and it was incred.  How I got in with flip flops I have no idea because it was the preppiest party I had ever been to.  Looooooves itttttt.  I felt like I was at a Princeton party except 10 times WASPier.  B, A and I were the only Asians there of course, so thank god we had S to be our token WASP.  This event was all you can drink and all you can eat, which for me meant 7 Jack & Cokes and vodka shots chased down with crab cakes and little shrimp appetizers on cucumber.  I woke up the next morning wanting to die because it was Friday, threw up in my bathroom sink, then somehow made it to work.

Friday night was J’s last weekend in NYC before he goes back to New Orleans to finish his last year at Tulane Law, so obviously we were all going to celebrate by going to an all-you-can-eat-tacos dinner because J is Mexican.  We found out that Mercadito has all you can eat tacos after 10:30pm on the weekends, so we made a reservation for 10:30pm and figured we could grab drinks beforehand at Billy Hurricane’s.  Given my Thursday night blackout, the only thing I had eaten all day on Friday was pieces of watermelon to calm my puking stomach, and I knew I wasn’t going to make it to 10:30pm without having a meal.  So obviously S and I went to Shitty Crab for their $1 oysters deal (4-7pm every day!) so I could get myself a light appetizer before the all you can eat tacos.  Once I got to Shitty Crab I realized I was much hungrier than I had anticipated, and S was running dangerously close to arriving later than 7pm, so I had to go ahead and order oysters for the both of us before the $1-oysters-before-7pm deal ended.  “6 dozen oysters and 4 Bud Lights please,” I told the bartender.  “Do you mean 6 oysters, half a dozen?”  “No – 6 dozen oysters please.”  The old bartender stared at me like his hearing was failing him.  “You want 72 oysters?”  “YES.  THAT IS WHAT I SAID.”  I yelled back.  “Is it all just for you?”  “YES.  GET OVER IT.  BRING ME MY FOOD.”

BRING IT.  Here is what was broughten.

$1 Oysters

$1 Oysters

This was just the first plate.  We had another plate just like this right after we finished the first plate.  While S and I were supposed to split these 3 dozen and 3 dozen, for some reason he only ate 12 of them, so I guess that means I ate 60 oysters that night.  I felt great for the first 50, but after the last 10 I was feeling a bit sea sick like little tiny oysters were going to come jumping back out of my throat.  Luckily I had over 2 hours to recover before all you can eat tacos, which was plenty of time for me to feel like myself again to eat 11 different kinds of tacos for J’s farewell dinner (pastor, carne, estilo baja, camaron, pollo, pescado, carnitas, mole, mariscos, calabacitas and rajas).  It was pretty amazing.  And I knew I was in for the time of my life on the toilet the next morning.

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