August 23, 2011

23 Aug

Well there was an earthquake today.  In typical NYC fashion people started freaking out that 9/11 was happening all over again, our entire building was evacuated, and people were running around going crazy in the streets.  I think the highlight of my day was when we returned to our office after things settled down, we all started popping open bottles of champagne, and then our creative director pulls me aside and goes:  “Are you  ok.  You look hungry.  Here.”  And just hands me his lunch.  Either I looked really upset from the quake (I wasn’t — so clearly it was just my natural facial expression) or my efforts at making myself known as the garbage disposal around the office were really working.  Either way, obviously I said “SURE” and got a free second lunch.  Apparently the story was that he had gotten his lunch before the quake, then when we evacuated for the quake and had our company “meeting place” in front of Hale & Hearty, he got a craving for Hale & Hearty instead, so now he had this extra lunch.  It was street food but it was damn good street halal food, and more importantly, it was free.  Thanks to the quake.

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