February 15, 2012

15 Feb

So I’m living out in SF for the next 3 months for work, which is amazing because the weather here is like summer and I get to hang out with K&D every day.  I moved to SF about 2 weeks ago, and it’s been quite the eventful few weeks – I guess I moved here at a good time because my social life has been booming, and I have had stuff going on practically every day since I got here, unlike my sedentary NYC lifestyle of just drinking and watching TV every day.

Week 1:

  • Sat 1/28: The night I arrived was D’s 30 on 30 golden bday, so almost straight from the airport I head to pregame with D and friends, followed by Japanese BBQ dinner, followed by karaoke in Japantown, where half the party blacked out and couldn’t remember the rest of the night.

Japanese BBQ

Raw meat mmmm.....

  • Sun: D’s bday brunch at Paul K, followed by a relaxing afternoon in the Mission drinking screw cap red wine out of a brown bag and eating Bi-Rite ice cream in front of a liquor store.
  • Mon: Homemade pizza by K while watching a great episode of The Bachelor.
  • Tues: D got us free tickets to go see the Warriors play the Sacramento Kings, which was fun.
  • Wed: Catching up on TV
  • Thurs: Catching up on TV
  • Fri: D invited us to his Wells Fargo work happy hour at Nectar, where we had several flights of red wine with the most delicious bacon wrapped dates, truffle popcorn and flatbread I had ever had, all on the company.
  • Sat: Two back-to-back reunions with the first being a Harvard 06 SF reunion that I crashed and surprised people like ex-college roommate N and others who were like wtf are you doing here.  This interesting reunion was followed by an interesting high school reunion with people I didn’t give a shit about, but I went with K anyway because our wealthy private school was throwing all our tuition money towards an incred happy hour of free-flowing wine, bacon wrapped shrimp, flatbread, cheese platter, hummus platter and chocolate truffles at the Press Club.

Week 2:

  • Sun 2/5: Obvs Super Bowl Sunday, which was great fun hanging out with K/D’s friends and having incred BBQ including sausage, steak, tri tip, beer dip galore, and of course, a keg.  More important than the fact that the Giants won was the fact that I secured my SF juice buddy T at this event, whose riveting talks of his big d fascinated me and inspired me to learn more.
  • Mon: Catching up on TV
  • Tues: Catching up on TV
  • Wed: Juicing T
  • Thurs: Gatsby party with K for her bday, where we were the only two non-blackout people at this event; seriously, this was supposed to be a networking event, but it reminded me of some sorority party on crack where girls were literally falling all over the floor and humping and accidentally making out with each other in the corner – quite the event.
  • Fri: Happy hour again with D’s work friends, same place same food, where I hit on D’s coworker Q for a good hour before I realized he had a vegan, “only eats gluten-free foods” gf – she sounds awful and he should probably break up with her.  He even had my fav Faulkner character’s name – obvs it was meant to be.  Caddy smells like trees.  I got frustrated and juiced T that night instead.
  • Sat: Bday dinner for K at Tortilla Heights, where I had the biggest burrito I have ever seen – that thing should be on Man v. Food.

Huge Burrito

  • Sun: K’s bday brunch at Park Chalet for all you can eat and all you can drink mimosas, where we spent a lovely afternoon enjoying Sunday Funday and filling up glass after glass of mimosas.

Brunch Buffet

In my very eventful 2 weeks, here are the over-generalizations I’ve decided are 100% truth re: living in SF vs. living in NYC.


  1. It’s summer here when it’s miserable in NYC – last weekend I literally tanned outside by my apt complex pool in my bikini for 4 hours and wasn’t cold for a second.
  2. You can’t beat walking along the bay every morning to work and on the way back – unlike the Hudson River, there aren’t rotting Jersey carcasses in it and it’s a really beautiful walk.
  3. Everyone in my office gets in at like 9:30am and literally everyone peaces out by 4:30/5:00pm, so you are pretty much guaranteed to make happy hours on any given day.
  4. Everywhere I go I see Marina guys (aka Fiddlesticks/UES d-bag type, which I love), and somehow it is a lot easier to get laid here.
  5. I get to hang out with K&D every day!


  1. Cabs are expensive here because they are everywhere in the US except within Manhattan – I took a cab out somewhere that was 15 mins away and paid $17.  I nearly cried.
  2. The delivery situation here is really not ideal.  Seamless has a limited presence, and GrubHub sucks.  My loyalty lies with Seamless, so sometimes I actually have to walk somewhere to go get food vs. having an ethnic guy bring it to me, which I am getting really frustrated with.  Also, the other day, I ordered some Chinese dinner special beef and broccoli, and I swear there was zero MSG in it and they gave me brown rice without me asking for it – I threw it out in disgust.
  3. People majorly judge you if you don’t go cycling or recycling, both of which I actively don’t do.

We’ll see if the weather/guy situation outweighs the cab/delivery conundrum, but so far it’s looking ok.

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