Sunday 1/18

18 Jan

1:35 pm

Wrapping up brunch on the UWS.  Had a great spinach/feta omlette, 3 pieces of toast, greens, and delicious sundried-tomato mashed potatoes for $10.  As I always do, I’m carefully eyeing everyone else’s plate as I shove each bite into my mouth.  ML has left 3 pieces of toast, her greens, and parts of her omlette untouched; AP barely touched her mashed potatoes and left pieces of her omlette and toast; MC left a whole chunk of her egg-white omlette on her plate.

I don’t consider myself a moocher, per se.  I would never take something that someone would have normally eaten.  The drill is to carefully watch and observe when each person puts down their fork, and you wait 10 minutes.  If they haven’t picked up their fork and picked at their food for a good 10 minutes, then that’s a sure sign that they’re done with their plate.  That’s when I…


99.5% of the time – if you follow my above protocol – the answer is “yes, sure.”  In all my years of experience with this strategy, only twice have I been turned down.  And once was because MC was purposely trying to spite me by depriving me of her leftovers.  99.5% success rate.

Today, ML graciously gave me her leftover greens, and AP gave me her entire scoop of mashed potatoes.  I ate so well today.

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