Monday 1/19

20 Jan

MLK Day, yay cows!!!

S ordered yet another meal for mormons today from The Cottage.  I immediately spotted the takeout box of white rice that I just knew was going to go uneaten (poor thing <shaking head>).  Skip the boring details and fast forward to end of meal.  Of course S leaves shreds of peking duck, some of those mooshoo or whatever pancakes, and three fried dumprings uneaten.  He catches me staring.  “I’m just going to throw them away,” he says.  THROW THEM AWAY?!??!??!??@&^!&%^&!@  I just can’t believe S and the rest of the ibanking world who think they can just order out every night and not even finish everything they order and dump out the rest.  There are starving girls in Manhattan for god’s sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Girls like me who can only afford to eat a cup of hot water with a chicken bone in it and a bowl of salted ice cubes every day.  Luckily S is my surrogate Jewish mother and likes to feed me and watch me grow fat.  Anyway, good news is, now I have duck and dumprings for breakfast, lunch and dinner tomorrow.  Success!

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