Tuesday 1/20

20 Jan

9:21 am

I miss the days when I used to eat breakfast. I remember I used to buy a bagel every single morning from the bagel stand in front of my office. Those were the days. I became such great friends with the bagel guy – his name was Sean, or some foreign name that sounded like Sean, and he absolutely adored me. He even invited me out to Foxwoods on the weekends, and as much as my blackjack-loving self wanted to take him up on the offer, I thought it’d be a bit sketch. Anyway, I couldn’t do that any longer. I was spending $1/day = $5/week = $20/month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This had to stop. So I stopped eating breakfast when I switched jobs and never saw Sean or whatever again. Bye-bye free Foxwoods trip. So sad because I cherish free gifts in life. As they say, the best things in life are free – free food, free drinks, free gambling chips.

12:02 pm

gchat from L at 12:02 pm:

I’ve got a new term that is perfect for your Poverexia blog:  pauperemia – defined as living on financially stable people’s waste.


“L, I ate $30 worth of Chinese food today – do you want this leftover rotten lo mein?”

L: “Hells yes!!!”

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