Thursday 1/29

29 Jan

12:41 pm

SO HUNGRY but just saw a food cart roll by going into a meeting, which means there will eventually be leftovers. I’m assuming the meeting will be out in a few hours, so just gotta hold on for a bit longer. To tide me over until then, I ate an alfajor that I still had from when I went to Argentina over Thanksgiving. Alfajores are delicious Argentine cookies that have dulce de leche in them, and they are like my fav things in the world, so I never give them out to friends… except for this one time when I stole some dude’s v card, I felt so bad that I offered him my last alfajor (meant a lot to me). But he didn’t appreciate it at all!!! He said he didn’t want it!!! What is up with that?!?!?!

1:54 pm

Oh no. Just checked the meeting room tracker, and looks like the meeting’s not over till 3pm. Shit.

4:06 pm

Meeting is out!!!  Coworker P stole half a leftover chicken caesar salad wrap for me  – YES!!!

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