Sunday 2/1

1 Feb

Yesterday I spent all day shooting instructional videos for Gradspot and made $40!  So I bought myself the best bloody mary ever at Wicker Park after the shoot and a pitcher of sangria later that night at Agave.  Even scored some extra nutritional value from that celery stick and olive in my bloody mary and all that fresh fruit in my sangria!  When you’re living on a tight budget, you’ve got to pick and choose wisely on what you spend your money on.

Behold a conversation morning after between an anorexic and a poverexic:

2:06 PM me:i want some fried chicken
i puked sangria this morning
fruit and all
b: ewww
2:07 PM what did you do last night
that you remember
me: drank a pitcher of sangria
b: that could be highly correlated to the puking
me: i think so
2:08 PM b: i just got tagged in two photos on facebook
and i look sooo thin
2:09 PM yay
i no longer want pretzel crisps
2:10 PM except i do
2:12 PM me: yay!
i haven’t eaten anything yet b/c when i puke i’m not hungry
2:13 PM b: i puke after i make myself not hungry
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