Saturday 2/7

7 Feb

Went to brunch today at Big Daddy with K and M and had the best burger with tots ever.  NAPOLEON GIMME YOUR TOTS.  It is now 7:03pm and I’m still full, which is great, because that means I don’t have to eat dinner (my usual weekend tactic).

When I walked through the door, I immediately recognized the hostess: Amy aka “Amis” from Cycle 10 of ANTM.  K and M were dubious, but I am always 110% confident in my reality TV show celeb knowledge skills.


I was right (of course I was).  I was so excited, but didn’t really know what to say to her considering she was one of my least fav contestants on that show because she was so fucking weird.  AMIS?  like really?  What a terrible alternate name to pick just because another girl on the same cycle was also named Amy.

I of course lied to her though, as I usually do whenever I meet celebs (e.g., when I told Ice-T how much I loved him when I absolutely cannot stand him on L&O SVU).  So I told Amis how great she was, when what I really wanted to ask her was how it felt to compete with and lose against a fat chick (Whitney “plus-size” Thompson).  I also really wanted to chat with her about how Whitney was actually skinny in real life and got fat just so she could compete as a plus-size model and have a better chance at winning (incred strategy because it obviously worked), and then how she got skinny again after the press had died down.

I wish I was rich enough to get fat.  I’m suddenly hungry again.

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