Sunday 2/8

8 Feb

12:14 pm

Had some of roommate L’s delicious leftovers from last night for breakfast this morning.

At first L raised false hopes by walking through the door yesterday evening and being like “SHIT! I had these delicious leftovers and I forgot them in my parents’ car!!!” NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO we both cried.

But then he lured me into going back downstairs and chasing his parents’ car by promising me that I could have all the leftovers and that I could meet his hot dad who got with Janice Dickinson back in the day, so he’s pretty much the man.

1:34 pm

Why am I at work on a Sunday? Let me tell you why. In addition to the fact that my current workload makes me want to cry, I was also still somehow hungry after I ate L’s delicious leftovers and I knew there’d be something leftover at the office. There’s been this thing of pasta salad in the office fridge that no one has touched since Thursday, and I knew it wasn’t anyone’s in particular because I’ve been keeping close tabs on it.

We have a pretty strict fridge policy of labeling everything with your name and date, so I basically interpret that to mean that if something isn’t labeled, it’s up for grabs. I usually feel somewhat terrible inside but it’s really their own fault for not taking 2 seconds to put their name on their food, but anyway, I usually wait a few days to clear my conscience. If that unlabeled food is still in the fridge untouched after 3 days, I take it. So, I had some pretty yum pasta salad with chicken for a 2nd meal today. Makes coming into work on the weekends sooo worth it.

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