Thursday 2/12

12 Feb

3:48 pm

So, I’ve now had 7 bananas in the past 24 hours.  Now I thought, there must be some sort of potassium overload associated with this — so I asked my soon-to-be-doctor friend.  The conversation was not so promising.

3:43 PM me: i have had 7 bananas in the past 24 hrs
do you think there is such thing as potassium overload
3:44 PM D: there is
your heart stops
me: um
are you forreal
D: its how they stop hearts for transplant
me: how many bananas = potassium overload
D: you arent even close
me: ok how many bananas
if i ate 20 bananas, would my heart stop
3:45 PM D: no
but it could throw your electrolytes out of balance
3:46 PM and put stress on your kidneys
me: i see
this is good to know
D: but i dont believe you could eat anywhere near enough bananas to stop your heart
but too much potassium could affect the kidneys
3:48 PM hyperkalemia is what its called
if you want to google
me: nope
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