Wednesday 2/25

25 Feb

8:32 pm

I had a proud moment tonight.  Roommate L walks through the door proclaiming, “I’m going to follow in your footsteps and become poverexic!  I realized today how easy it is to skip dinner and save $10 a night.  I ate a big lunch today at 3pm and I’m not hungry at all!”

I was a proud mama!  I am SO happy for you L!  You will soon learn that you will save SO much money by skipping one or more meals a day.  I was determined to convert all the rest of my friends, one friend at a time.  Next target is other roommate G.

8:36 pm

L:  I caved.

me:  What?

L:  I caved.  I couldn’t do it.  I ordered some scallion pancakes.

me:  L … I am so disappointed in you.

L:  I know… 😦

me:  Can I have some when it comes.

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