Thursday 2/26

26 Feb

2:32 pm

I’m heating up my canned split pea soup in the office kitchen, when I spot out of the corner of my eye what looks to be some rice in the trash can.  I slowly turn my head in disbelief to find an entire container full of leftover fried rice (looked like pork fried rice to be specific) and I gasped.  Coworker D walks into the kitchen at that time and asks what’s wrong.  I simply point to the trash can.  “L, don’t pick it out of the trash.  Just walk away.  Just walk away,” says D.  I let out a cry, then slowly and sadly take my green soup out of the microwave and walk back to my desk.

5:45 pm

L makes a wonderful discovery for me — looks like this is the way to go moving forward:

Your iPhone Is now a Kitchen Thanks to Cooking Mama!

You might not have time for breakfast before getting on the 8:15 train to work, but you can regain part of the experience by making virtual bacon and coffee en route to the office. Cooking Mama on the iPhone looks graphically similar to the Nintendo DS iterations, except that you only have one screen, and now you use your finger to control the action (notice the control overlay).

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