Saturday 3/7

7 Mar

My splurge continues.

Last night, K/D and I went out for some incredible burgers at Harry’s for dinner, and I had their classic burger with blue cheese with garlic fries.  It’s hard being poverexic around K/D, though, because they’re such fast eaters and they clean their plates; I don’t even have a chance to snag their leftovers because, well, they don’t produce leftovers, and they’ve already finished their entire plate by the time I’ve barely finished half of mine.  It’s like eating meals with my dad.

Today was a bit more poverexic-friendly.  As per my usual routine during my SF trips, I get my hair cut by K and get my usual Brazilian; then I realize that I’ve spent all my money on beautifying myself, so K and I decide to go for our fav cheap dinner: froyo at the liquor store on Fillmore and Union.  I swear this liquor store has the best froyo in the city, and K/D used to eat it on a daily basis – jealousss.  Tonight I had a huge tub of strawberry shortcake and pomegranate tart with my usual yogurt chips for $3.50, which sure beats the nonexistent portion of pomegranate pberry that you would get for the same price in NYC.

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