Sunday 3/8

9 Mar

Had my fav steak tostada today at Left at Albuquerque – although it was kinda pricey ($14), it did last me two meals, so really all I bought today was that and another thing of liquor store froyo (this time cookies & cream and pomegranate tart with yogurt chips).

Steak Tostada

Steak Tostada

As usual, I’m only half way through my tostada (see above) when K/D have already scarfed down their Yucatan chicken salad and Gaucho steak burrito, respectively.  Except I’ve been eyeing the two plump slices of tomato and sizable chunk of chicken that I notice K’s been picking around.  But then suddenly the waitress just comes out of nowhere and swoops down and grabs K’s plate, and I am like W-T-F and firmly say (not yell), WAIT HI EXCUSE ME SHE’S NOT DONE WITH THAT YET and grab the plate back.

The waitress was probably also like W-T-F, but I look over at K/D and they just shake their heads and sigh, “you poverexic you…” so at least they understand.  I smile and reach over and stick my fork into the two tomato slices and chicken and cut them up into my tostada for a little added flavor, and extra food.

I mean, I am sorry, but one of my biggest pet peeves is waiters who try to take your plate away when you’re not done with your food yet.  Like, I didn’t pay for this food for you to preemptively steal it away and throw it in the garbage.  I am allowed to criticize because I was a waitress myself, and you can trust that I would never just take a plate with a half-eaten crab rangoon away from a customer just because I assumed he was done with it.  So fucking annoying.

Anyway, on a brighter note, free foods I scored today included half a bag of tortilla chips and a banana that K insisted I eat while she was starving me earlier today while she was giving her dollhead a hair cut, and a delicious homemade pumpkin cupcake with cream cheese icing that M brought over later in the evening in preparation for our Guitar Hero World Tour night.  It is now close to midnight and I am still full – that’s always a good sign of a good food day.

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