Wednesday 3/11

11 Mar

Sometimes hard work really does pay off.  Tonight my boss took me out to a five-course dinner because she felt so bad that I was continuously working 15+ hour days, causing me to fall absurdly behind on over a week’s worth of DVRed TV shows (e.g., I haven’t even gotten around to watching the finale of “The Bachelor” yet).

I think this might actually be the first five-course dinner I’ve ever had in my entire life.  Usually “five course” for me means 1) glass of wine, 2) free bread on the table, 3) M’s leftovers, 4) K’s leftovers, 5) J’s leftovers.

Tonight it was 1) escargot, 2) scallops, 3) lamb chops, 4) salad, 5) chocolate tart, along with half the bread basket and a glass of Malbec that really made me miss Buenos Aires.  At the end of the dinner, the waiter even gave us some delicious looking cookies, which I stuffed into my purse (and my boss gave me hers too!!!!!!!!).  These will be my breakfast tomorrow.

Tummy so happy 🙂

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