Thursday 3/12

12 Mar

Roommate L nearly caused me a heart attack this morning:

9:36 AM L: oh no
9:37 AM you’re going to hate me
9:40 AM me: oh no
que10:01 AM L: sorry

10:02 AM but earlier this week, I was cleaning out the DVR
me: NO
L: and I thought you had seen the bachelor finale
me: oh wait
did you read my blog
L: yeah
thats why
me: it’s ok i thought it was going to be a lot worse
i thought you were going to say 30 rock or something
bachelor i can view online
so not end of world
L: ok, cool
10:04 AM stilll…. sorry
me: if you had said like south park, i would have been upset too
L: it was at 99% capacity, and we were in danger of not recording lost
10:08 AM me: i know our capacity is so weak
luckily tho lost was not new yesterday
Crisis averted.
10:57 pm
Things I’ve eaten today: minestrone soup, 9 mini sugar cookies, 4 handfuls of broken tortilla chips.  It’s been a bad day.
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