Monday 3/23

23 Mar

Well, you can say this weekend was a Patsy’s pizza weekend, meaning, I only ate Patsy’s pizza literally all weekend.

On Saturday S, B, A, C and I were March Madness-ing at S’s and we decide to accompany our beers and Bourbon with some food.  We go into literally a 20 minute discussion on whether we should order pizza or Vietnamese food, and of course pizza wins because the crowd was 3.5 white people vs 1.5 Asians  (A = 1/2 and 1/2).

But the thing is, there were 5 people, but I was surprisingly genuinely not hungry at all (full of B&B, beer and bourbon), and B is an anorexic vegan — i.e., really only S, A and C were going to be eating.  S knew this, but of course he orders 3 large pizzas for 3 eating people.  So the pizza comes, and naturally A and C only eat 2 slices like normal people, S eats like 6, I help myself to all the crust that he leaves behind, and B nervously picks off the mushrooms and sun dried tomatoes.

Then there’s literally an entire large pizza leftover, and I get really upset because I hate it (slash, LOVE IT) when people overestimate the amount of food they’re going to be eating and waste a ton of good food.  As per the usual, I start yelling at S and lecturing him on how to accurately estimate the amount of pizza he should order for 2 normal people + 1 anorexic + 1 poverexic + 1 man bear pig, and I am trying to understand why bankers like him choose to throw good leftovers away instead of saving it for later like a normal-income person.

Anyway, needless to say, I lost the battle (slash, WON THE BATTLE) and took home the entire large leftover pizza, which became my meals for literally the entire weekend.

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