Monday 4/6

6 Apr

After dropping a shitload of moola on Alphabet Lounge and Marquee on Friday and Saturday, I was really glad the rest of my weekend was sans payment.

C was visiting for the weekend — last time I saw her was 4 years ago when we were both loving life, drinking Skol and eating pineapples on Ipanema beach.  On Sunday, to reminisce over our good ole Brazilian days, I took C to brunch at Coffee Shop where we had pao de queijo, and I had a spinach feta omlette with rosemary potatoes and wheat toast.  C had a Chinese chicken salad, which I didn’t quite understand given that she’s vegetarian — which actually worked out great because she just picked out all the lettuce and the rest of the salad, and left all of her chicken – FOR ME!  AND THEN!!!!  SHE PAID FOR MY ENTIRE LUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was so full after brunch that I literally felt like I was with child — so naturally, to fill my dessert compartment, I took C to Tasti D, where we had cinnamon crunch and original froyo for a taste of NYC.

THEN!!!!!!!  After going to ‘Fast and the Furious’ (best movie ever), I accompanied S to Whole Foods, where we bought ingredients for the most incred dinner ever, cooked by S: steak, red snapper, crab cake, crawfish cake, green beans and heart of palm.  And then, I gave birth to a cow.

I was so full from the weekend that I didn’t even have to eat anything today except for 2 birthday cupcakes.  On a separate note, this is the greatest invention ever:

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