Tuesday 4/7

7 Apr

I woke up beaming today because my managers were going to take me out to lunch at my fav Soho restaurant, the Cupping Room.  Boy oh boy, I just couldn’t wait, and I even held off on my usual 6 cups of coffee this morning to leave plenty of room for a biiig lunch.  When we get there, there’s literally like one other table seated.  We’re seated right away, we order right away (we were a hungry bunch), and THEN IT LITERALLY TOOK 45 FRIGGEN MINUTES FOR THE FOOD TO COME!!!!!!!!  I mean, really!??!?!  There were literally like 2 or 3 other tables in the entire restaurant and I don’t know if the kitchen staff was jerking off or what but this wait was abolutely unacceptable, I mean we fucking have work to get back to jesus christ.  So we started doing some serious complaining and as PR women we really always get our way because we’re firm and aggressive yet we’re really pretty and nice so people listen to us.  Result: we got the waiter to promise us free dessert, yesssss.  While pacing myself through my medium rare burger with roquefort and fries, I’m carefully leaving my dessert compartment wide open for the free dessert that’s about to come.  I clean my plate, literally, and then we’re having a really hard time deciding between the free brownie with ice cream and the free flourless chocolate cake with ice cream, so we convince the waiter to bring us both desserts for free.  This was quite the incredible free meal.

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