Wednesday 4/8

8 Apr

Chag sameach!!!  Passover is a poverexic girl’s best friend — people around you not being able to eat anything leaven, coworkers bringing in matzo treats, it’s great.

This morning started out wonderful when office services laid out an entire array of cereals for us for breakfast — Smart Start, Wheaties, some really good cereal with berries, some other really good cereal with cinnamon apples, some peanut butter puff thing, and Coo-ooooookie Crips.  Then, circa 2:30pm, I ate a nice healthy lunch of sandwich, pasta and mozzarella salad (which I had successfully hoarded yesterday).

The best part came in the evening — everyone was wrapping up their work, when some mysterious Santa puts out leftover pizza, bagels and a bunch of other leaven foods.  I ran to the kitchen with my equally excited Jewish coworker, and then to her dismay, she realized what day it was muahahahaha <<evil laughter>> HAMAN BOOOOOOOOO.  So I grabbed the leftover pizza slice, a bagel, a double chocolate chip muffin and other non-matzo yeast-filled foods.

Good thing the Jews had to flee so quickly they had no time to leaven the bread — I thank you for providing me with food today.  Mazel tov!

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